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The journey to the moon begins again.

We have completed a second round of funding for the Beresheet2 project, with a donation of an additional 3$ million. The new round of funding will allow SpaceIL to move forward to the initial planning of Beresheet2.

After a process of research and Lessons learned, a Beresheet 2 mission was built in which a spacecraft consisting of an array of 3 spacecraft - an orbiter spacecraft and two landing spacecraft - will be launched to the moon. The mission will include two lunar missions on the surface of the moon and a mission around the moon, in which students from Israel and other countries around the world will participate.

Prominent contributors to this round include Fred and Sima Simon (co-founders of JFrog), Mini Circuits (who also participated in Beresheet 1), Ben-Gurion University, Orbs, the Julio Family Foundation (Avital and Shalev Julio's Philanthropic Foundation), Anat and Omri Lavie, Yehoshua (Shuki) Etrog, Donna (Levy) and Raanan Raz, Avraham Albert Levy and other donors, along with “the iCenter who are also partners in the association's educational activities.


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