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Volunteering at SpaceIL

Volunteer Activity in the Field of Education and Marketing

The SpaceIL Organization works to leverage the unprecedented achievement in the field of space and Israeli entrepreneurship and to continue to inspire Israeli children to become the next generation of dreamers and entrepreneurs.  
The educational activity would not have been possible without the enormous contribution of the Organization’s team of volunteers.  Our volunteers visit schools across the country, giving lectures about the story of Israel’s first spacecraft.  
They have reached a million Israeli pupils and awakened their scientific curiosity, sparked their imagination and dreams and provided professional and reliable knowledge about the organization’s scientific mission.   
Additionally, our team of volunteers also lectures before an adult population at various events and represents us at conferences. 
In short – They are SpaceIL’s ambassadors with the public at large!   

מזוודת הבריחה

Volunteers for the Engineering Team 

The amazing Beresheet 1 Project began as a dream of three daring entrepreneurs; however, it could not have been made possible without the generous support of many donors. 
Beresheet 1 was supported by hundreds of volunteers who donated their free time to help the founders on their journey to reach the moon and prove that thanks to resourcefulness, desire and faith, the sky is not the limit. 
Now, at the start of a new engineering project, we are recruiting additional volunteers to help us advance the Beresheet 2 Project. 
We invite you to submit your candidacy to volunteer in the project and take part in our journey to make the impossible a reality. 

צוות ההנדסה
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