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Scheduling Lectures

As part of SpaceIL’s activity to introduce the Organization, its team will make concerted efforts to reach all those who are interested, in order to introduce them to the inspirational story behind the first Israeli spacecraft that landed on the moon and to promote science education in Israel.
We would be delighted to organize a lecture for you!  
Please complete the attached form and we will contact you shortly in order to schedule a lecture. 
*Please note that our team of lecturers work on a volunteer basis.   We make every effort to reach everyone as soon as possible.  Thanks in advance for your understanding. 

Scheduling Lectures for Preschools and Grades 1 – 12

SpaceIL’s educational vision is to create a new Israeli Apollo Effect:  To encourage Israel’s next generation to choose to study science, engineering, technology and mathematics.  The SpaceIL lecture is given by one of our volunteer lecturers and tells the story of the organization’s establishment and goal, as well as two main emphases: 
The first emphasis is to convey information regarding the SpaceIL’s ‘mission’ (the first and second) – and about the spacecraft, space and the importance of the mission on a scientific and international/Israeli level. 
The second emphasis stems from the Organization’s philosophy and is designed to inspire the children to choose to investigate and study the fields of science and technology by conveying a message of excellence, entrepreneurship and innovation that asserts that with the  help of knowledge, tools and intrepidness, anyone can breakthrough new barriers and the sky is not the limit. 

מרצה מול כיתה בבית הספר

Lectures for Adults

SpaceIL’s amazing journey to the moon began with a dream of three young men and continued thanks to the resourcefulness of many other good people who joined the journey.  It was a journey packed with adventures and challenges, offering an unforgettable lesson in how to make dreams in to realities. In addition to the international breaking through to deep space with the first private entity in the world to reach the moon, the road was also paved to believe in making the ‘impossible’ come true.  This insight served as fuel for the continuation of the journey – a journey that began with three determined dreamers and continued to enter the hearts of millions of young people in Israel and around the world. 
You can hear about this journey and more in the organization’s special lecture that is given to communities, companies and organization. 

מרצה על הבמה
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