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Time Line 

November 2010

Founders’ Kickoff Meeting

January 2011

First announcement regarding the enrollment in the Google Lunar X-Prize Competition and Morris Kahn joined the team 

April 2011

 Transition from CubeSat planning to a model based on two tanks

June 2011

First Volunteer Training 

December 2012

the Space Agency signed a contract with IAI for the development of knowledge required to integrate a dual-fuel propulsion system for the Beresheet spacecraft 




Transition to 4 tanks

April 2014

The Adelson Family joined the team 


Acquisition expense for a propulsion system

March 2016

the cameras are delivered

August 2016

Hosted the GLXP Conference in Israel

May 2017

Signed the contract with the Israel Space Agency and the Ministry of Science.  In 2018, the Agency granted an additional budget of NIS 7.25 million for the project as direct support for the organization. 
The Agency separately supported the scientific research involved in the SpaceIL million at the Weizmann Institute.  The Israel Space Agency established joint ventures with SpaceIL on educational topics.   In October 2018, the Space Agency signed an agreement with NASA which facilitated NASA’s support of the project. 

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