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Whether you're a student, a teacher, a scientist, an engineer or just someone with a passion for space, we welcome you to join our community of SpaceIL Ambassadors.

SpaceIL Ambassadors Community

 Share your passion for Space exploration and SpaceIL missions with others!


Are you passionate about space exploration? Do you want to inspire others by sharing SpaceIL projects’ progress about SpaceIL projects? Then the Space Ambassador Community is for you!


As a SpaceIL Ambassador, you will have the opportunity to:


- Get the latest news regarding Beresheet2 mission before everyone

- Share your knowledge and enthusiasm with others

- Connect with other space enthusiasts and experts in the field

Together, we can inspire the next generation of space explorers and leaders!


Sign up now to become a SpaceIL Ambassador and take the first step in our journey to the moon!

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