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Maris-Tech's Technology to be Deployed at Beresheet 2 Lunar Mission- Israeli Spacecraft

Maris-Tech Ltd, a B2B provider of intelligent video transmission technology, announced that it has been chosen by SpaceIL, an organization that strives to promote science and science education, which in 2019 became the first private entity in history to reach the moon, to take part in "Beresheet 2 Lunar Mission", Israeli Lunar Spacecraft.

As a result, the Company received a purchase order, for the Jupiter-Space development.

The Company's Neptune-Space previously served as the video recording and streaming solution on the 2019 SpaceIL “Beresheet” spacecraft, the first Israeli and the first privately initiated mission to land on the moon.

"We are thrilled to take part in this important mission. Our unique and miniature technology allows users to stream high-quality video in real-time and in extreme conditions. We strive to provide our customers with cutting-edge, custom technologies, and are pleased with our second mission with SpaceIL," said Israel Bar, CEO of Maris-Tech.

Shimon Sarid, CEO of SpaceIL, commented "We are proud to team up with Maris-Tech and make together our journey all the way to the moon.”

The Jupiter-Space is designated for both Beresheet 2 Landers and Orbiter. It oversees cameras operation, image processing and additional processing including hosting the

landing algorithm.

About Maris-Tech Ltd.

Maris-Tech is a B2B provider of intelligent video transmission technology, founded by veterans of the Israel technology sector with extensive electrical engineering and imaging experience. Our products are designed to meet the growing demands of commercial and tactical applications, delivering high-performance, compact, low power and low latency solutions to companies worldwide, including leading electro-optical payload, RF datalink and unmanned platform manufacturers as well as defense, HLS, and communication companies. For more information, visit


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