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Volunteers for the Engineering Team

The amazing Beresheet 1 Project began as a dream of three daring entrepreneurs; however, it could not have been made possible without the generous support of many donors. 
Beresheet 1 was supported by hundreds of volunteers who donated their free time to help the founders on their journey to reach the moon and prove that thanks to resourcefulness, desire and faith, the sky is not the limit. 
Now, at the start of a new engineering project, we are recruiting additional volunteers to help us advance the Beresheet 2 Project. 
We invite you to submit your candidacy to volunteer in the project and take part in our journey to make the impossible a reality. 
Join us now... 
(This call for volunteers is for both men and women)

Thanks for submitting! We'll be in touch soon

In order to get to know you, we would appreciate it if you could answer some questions. 

What is your main occupation?
What is your professional background

Personal details

Personal background

Professional background

What is your availability to volunteer during the week?

Volunteering frequency

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In order to improve the process, please submit your video, talking for 2 min. about any topic you choose.

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