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Escape Suitcase

The activity is based on the principle of ‘mobile escape rooms’.  It is held in small teams of 4 to 6 participants.  
Every team receives an escape suitcase containing locked boxes, riddles and hints.  They must start the journey with the hints that they have at their disposal and work as investigators as they advance in their attempt to solve the mystery.
With every new lock that we open, we are introduced to a variety of new hints, the ‘plot thickens’ and we finally reach the climax in the final stage!
The activity lasts for 90 minutes. 
For groups of adults, we offer a reflective workshop at the conclusion of the activity.  The workshop can focus on the group dynamics/ develop teamwork skills / group-building, depending on your preference. 
*This is a paid activity  

SpaceIL invites pupils to an adventure that is ‘out of this world’!  Participants in this activity are drawn into the plot of a secret rescue mission.  They are introduced to information from the world of space and are required to demonstrate creativity, resourcefulness and determination in order to meet the mission. 
The adventure is packed with experiences and challenges; and in the end, participants reveal a wealth of new information both in the field of space and about themselves and their team and group members.   A group-building and empowering adventure that leaves you wanting more… 

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